Septic System 101


People will say to us that they want to live in the country and have some land. One of the things with ‘more land’ is typically there is a private septic system. It is nothing to fear but there are some additional considerations to be aware of compared to a city lot with municipal sewer. Here are a few things that you should know in order to keep it fully functioning, and maintained.

1. When using a septic tank system, one of the most easily overlooked issues is excessive water usage. Using too much water too quickly is not only wasteful; it can also severely hinder the performance of your drainage system and cause rather significant damage if done too often.

2. As enticing as several additive products may seem, the best way to process the contents of a septic tank is with the naturally occurring bacteria in the contents itself

3. Regardless of what your practices are, or what you put into the septic system it will require cleaning periodically in its lifetime. Exactly when it needs to be done with depend on your lifestyle and current setup. When getting your septic tank cleaned, it must be done by a licensed and bonded professional.