Carver at a Glance through March 2016


We hope you enjoy seeing our monthly updates for the various cities in our amazing Carver County. Every few days we will publish another city in the county to better inform you about the changes that each one of them is experiencing. If you are interested in more information please feel free to give me a call with our Fast Response functionality on the top of the webpage.

Year to date statistics through March 2016 in Carver

New listings has decreased by 20.8%

Closed Sales has increased by 25.0%

Median Sales Price has increased by 17.9%

Average Sales Price has increased by 17.9%

Price per Square Foot has increased by 8.3%

Percent of Original List Price Received has decreased by 1.6%

Days on Market Until Sale has increased by 15.2%

These statistics are gathered for the entire city and can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. If you are interesting in more specific information, please feel free to contact us at 952-368-0345 for a valuation. Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors. (2016). Local Market Update – March 2016: Retrieved 4/27/2016 from